Is it Allergies, or COVID?

As I sit here typing this, I’m anxiously awaiting the results of a COVID test. I’m a little peeved at myself for not getting vaccinated already. I felt safe in my anti-social bubble and limited exposure over the past year. I was also smug in the fact that I was pretty sure we’d gotten COVID last January before it broke the news. I even wrote about what I’d called “one evil flu” on the blog when it happened. Then I attended a big event, started feeling sick and ended up in quarantine awaiting COVID test results.

sick with allergies or cold

Allergy Season is in Full Swing

I didn’t suspect anything beyond allergies when things first started. I always get hit with nasty allergies when the live oaks start dropping pollen like crazy. Swollen eyes, sneezing, stuffy and runny nose…the whole bit. Then the post-nasal drip turned into a little cough, which is also normal. It’s an annoying little hacking cough that gets worse at night when you lie down. A little Flonase and Allegra-D were enough to knock out most of the symptoms, so I felt fine about attending my first large event since the pandemic hit.

About half-way through, I started getting stopped up again and the cough started. I had pinned my wig down over my ears (wigs are always big on me) so I was having trouble wearing a mask and keeping my wig in place. I felt like a bit of an ass being non-vaccinated out in public with a slight cough and and on-again/off-again mask, so I left the event a little early. I didn’t think it was COVID, but I didn’t want to take any chances.

poison ivy cosplay at event
All set up and ready, dressed as Poison Ivy

The Doctor WON’T See You Now

The next day I proceeded to feel much worse and by Monday I was having full blown coughing fits that were out of the normal range for an allergy attack. My husband was urging me to see a doctor, which I usually avoid unless I think I’m dying. I didn’t have a fever, sore throat or any of the other symptoms. I just had this horrible dry cough and a crippling fatigue. And my joints were all weird and stiff so walking felt funny, like I had Jell-o legs. So I finally relented and told him to call the doctor. So he did, and they wouldn’t see me until I went and got tested for COVID.

What a strange time we live in, when you can’t see a doctor when you are sick, until you go get tested to see what kind of sick you are. So off to the drive-through testing site we went.

Swabbing My Brain for COVID

Went went to the CVS Minute Clinic, where you go through the drive-through and they hand you a kit to do it yourself. I watched a little video and felt it should be easy to just stick the little swab one inch into my nose as instructed. One inch = no big deal right? I guess my nose is not as long as I thought because once the swab got in there, it felt like I was trying to swab my brain. And then you have to swirl it around, which just hurts. After doing both nostrils, you put it in a little tube and into a collection box. And then you wait one to two days. And while you wait, you obsessive over the fact that you should have just gone and gotten vaccinated so you wouldn’t be in this situation!

instructions for nasal swab for covid

The Waiting Game

While I was stuck at home in quarantine awaiting my results, I continued to obsess over everyone I’d come in contact with the past few days. The friend I’d hugged, the baby I’d held, that person who shook my hand…I could have been spreading it all over the place. This is exactly why it has been spread so easily. You don’t know you have anything, and you get relaxed about precautions. I started worrying about the phone calls I’d have to make, letting everyone know I may have given them a deathly case of cooties.

The waiting was driving me crazy! It took two days for them to get back to me with the results. The good news is, it’s not COVID! The bad news is that I’m still sick and obviously picked up something else, or am having the worst extended allergy attack ever. At least a doctor will see me now. However, I am getting a bit better every day so I’m wondering if it would be pointless to go now.

Lesson Learned

As soon as I feel better, I am off to get vaccinated. No more excuses! One friend described her feelings about it as her “civil duty” to get vaccinated, and I am in agreement with that. It’s not just about you, it’s about everyone around you. People you care about, people you come in contact with- you put everyone at risk by not taking this one simple step. I think the first people to step up and get their shots were quite brave, as I took a “wait and see” approach to watch for weird side effects. Well I’m ready for my microchip/super soldier serum now. It’s better than sitting around waiting, worried you have COVID.

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  1. Loved that microchip comment! It cracks me up that people believe that when they have been tracking us with our phones for years now. 🙂 For my husband, his allergies were Covid!

    I am going backwards catching up on blogs. xo

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