When Blogging Becomes Stressful

I started a blog as a release, a way to get my anxieties about motherhood out and share my story, and hopefully connect with other moms going through the same thing. I didn’t start a blog to make money or make a new job for myself. To be honest, I wasn’t looking for a new job either. It was a fun side thing that I wrote when I could, and didn’t worry about it if a went weeks without a post.

img_2456Then product review offers started trickling in, then sponsored posts, then full-on blogging campaigns with Facebook and Twitter requirements. Suddenly, I had deadlines and a desk full of stuff I was supposed to write about. When I go for days without posting (like this weekend) I worry my stats will crash. Because yes, I pay attention to stats now. Higher stats mean higher paying sponsored posts and you have to back it up with Google analytics, which I went out of my way install just for that purpose, but have yet to really figure out what it all means yet.

And the stress-relief of just writing a blog post? That was replaced by the stress of making sure it was long enough to make Google happy, has a few outbound links to “reputable sources,” has at least one link to an older blog post, has at least two good photos all with their SEO in place like names and alt tags, has a special featured photo, all my meta tags are filled out, and everything is edited correctly (like should meta be capitalized?), and then after publishing it needs to be shared on social media Everywhere to drive traffic and keep those stats up.

Oh, and I forgot to mention making a special “pinnable” featured photo with added text, because Pinterest is like this big monster looming in the background that keeps trying to lure me in and gobble up more of my time. I’ll be the first to admit my Pinterest stats are pretty sad, because I just don’t have the time to work on it.

So today I’m just forgoing a good bit of those requirements and writing about the stress of keeping up with them. And try to remind myself NOT to stress about it. I have a million things I want to tweak on my blog layout. I have a few deadlines for product reviews looming. I have zero posts scheduled and ready for the week. I feel all these things ticking away in the background of my brain.

And the most stressful part of all? All this would be so easy to get done if I just had time. Being a mom pushed me to start this blog, but being a mom is why I don’t have time to work on it. Ironic, huh? I’m too busy being a mom to write about being a mom. Ever since I closed my boutique and left a full-time costuming career to do the SAHM thing, I’ve been trying to avoid being lured into another all-consuming job. And now here I am, with a new career that snuck up on me. This year I’ll be claiming it on my taxes for the first time when I e-file, because I actually made money with what was supposed to be a little side hobby. And while that actually makes me very happy, and I absolutely love getting paid to write, I just need to learn not to stress about it!

So, how do you deal with blogging stress? How do you fit in the time to blog? Do you have a blogging schedule? (I’ve been pondering trying to work one out)ย Or are you able to just walk away and not think about it?

*P.S., just writing this and not worrying too much about all that other stuff actually felt pretty good. So one idea I had was to make at least one post a week just a “stress-relief” kind of post. But then, I wasn’t sure if I was making it worse by making my stress-relief post suddenly be a requirement…lol.




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  1. I think, even though I am not a mum yet, that its okay to feel stressed and wait until that feeling is gone. That’s the whole point of being your own bawse mama! Especially when you know that you are giving your best.

    When you think about how time passes by so fast and how short it is, be in the now and enjoy your time with your baby- if that’s what your mind and body is saying. Your followers including myself as a newbie would understand. Otherwise, as a newbie, I can’t relate with stress yet as I am still mastering the ropes but I think these times will come and I will step back then have a woosah! Haha.. but as for now, I wonder what should I write, then I start typing and when I’m done, shoot.. I post and pray someone reads it buutt… May you find your badassery to keep going and nail every single task infront of you successfully. I am rooting for you and when you feel like venting… V E N T and release the stress ๐Ÿ™‚ Ps: my posting schedule and planning is usually just a mere idea written on a notebook. I’m sure it doesn’t work like that but I am team learn as you go for now


    • When you start out blogging, you are at the point where you need to learn to say Yes! to everything. Try out the products, visit the places, take on the offers and do a great job. Then they will start to snowball in and you have to learn to say No! lol. I’m still working on that part ๐Ÿ˜‰


      • I think I should learn to say yes much often in preparation for the future if that’s the case then when I feel like I am overwhelmed… ๐Ÿ™‚ For now, nothing has happened yet but at least I have some tips up my sleeves. Thanks!


  2. I feel you. I was super excited about growth and the freelance opportunities and samples. But after a while. it felt like more of a burden than a blessing. I stepped back to reevaluate what I was doing and why. I was shushing and ignoring my kids to get deadlines in and missing the whole reason I was a SAHM. Granted, balancing some space to write is a deserved and wonderful reminder of who we were before we were moms. But pulling back and making my blog a place I enjoyed rather than one more thing on my to-do list gave it, and me life again. I wrote about that here.


    • Yes, you get it! I too was doing the shushing and “mommy’s trying to work” thing and I was like, wait…That’s what I was trying to get out of by becoming a SAHM! What Have I Done?? So I am working on how to pull back but keep things going at the same time. I don’t want to lose the momentum, but I think I might need to just to get back on track.


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